This Is What Will Happen To Earth And Humans If Nuclear War Erupt

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Some developed countries are currently racing to make their defense system stronger, not only to survive, they also make innovation and improvement in the military force to make them stronger to defend their country in crisis situation.
Nuke weapon is a symbol of superiority, therefore, almost every country race to develop this weapon. Some country has successfully developing this weapon including North Korea, which this issue is heating up lately.

So what will happen to the earth if nuclear warfare is erupt?

In a new study released by environmental scientists revealed that the first effect of nuclear warfare is the temperature on earth will decrease dramatically.

As a result, it leads every living around the world to starve because of crop failures, earth temperature will reach its lowest temperature.

The team who studied this effect envisioned 100 nuclear warheads is exploded, and each size is same as atoms which dropped in Hiroshima.

For example on a small scale war between Pakistan and India.

After each country dropped their nuke weapons … what happens is

1) 5 megatons of black carbon will spread in the Earth’s atmosphere, the carbon black comes from burning goods, consequently the carbon will absorb the sun’s heat before entering the earth, and even some of the carbon will fall to the earth through the rain.

2) After one year, the earth’s surface temperature will decrease about two Fahrenheit degrees,then within 5 years, earth temperature will continue to decrease. Even though, earth will keep the living creatures alive, because after 20 years the temperature on earth will increase, even for only 1 degree.

3) As the temperature of the earth continues to decrease, rain will become a rare item, within five years after the nuclear war (Pakistan-India), the average rainfall will fall by 9 percent than usual.

4) Chemical reactions in the atmosphere will take the earth’s ozone layer as a protector of ultraviolet radiation. Within 5 years of the nuclear war, the ozone layer will be reduced by 25 percent. And in 10 years, the ozone layer will re-thicken as much as 8 percent of the 25 percent lost.

5) Due to the reduction of the ozone layer, humans will be hit by skin cancer and reduce the growth of plants and will interfere with plant DNA, such as corn.

6) In an article published by a group of international doctors, it is estimated that 2 billion people will die because of starvation, as if 100 nuclear bombs in the explosion. It does not include explosion victims.

The lists above are predicted things that can happen if the nuclear war happens around Pakistan and India. The impacts of the nuclear war are so strong. Can we imagine if superpowers such as America, Russia, Israel, Iran North Korea trying to do nuclear war?

According to Businessinisder, there are undetected 17,000 nuclear around the world and will continue to increase.

The above list is only the nuclear effect that occurs on nature and its consequences for humans, and calculations due to radiation from the nuclear bomb are not counted yet.

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