This 12 Years Old Girl IQ is Higher Than Einstein And Hawking

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Rajgauri Pawar (12) may be able to make a big smile because recently he was invited to join Mensa, a special organization that has a high IQ.

One surprising thing is this girls IQ who live in the UK even surpassed the two genius physicists Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Mensa test results in Manchester last month scored in 162, or two points above the two physicists – the highest IQ for those under the age of 18 years.

She is among the one percent of those who are able to reach the maximum Mensa test, with a ‘genius’ benchmark at 140.

When asked how she felt when taking the test, Pawar admitted was nervous.

“I was a little bit nervous before the test, but I was fine and happy to finish it well,” she said.

Meanwhile, Dr Surajkumar Pawar, her father said that the achievements of his daughter was not possible without the help of teachers who had been supporting Pawar.

“This can not be happened without the help and support of Pawar teachers, so my daughter can enjoy days in her school,” he said.

Currently Pawar is school at Altrincham Grammar School – a girls’ special school, and she has excellent academic records there.

“She is a kind and lovable student, we all expect great things from him,” said her mathematics teacher Andrew Barry as reported by the Times of India.

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