North Korea Willing To Negotiate With U.S. Under Right Conditions

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North Korea official says, willing to negotiate with the United States when the conditions is possible.

Senior diplomat of North Korea said that the dialogue with U.S. President Donald Trump is possible after their Meeting in Norway with a former official U.S. Government.

Choe Son-hui, a senior North Korean diplomat who handles relations with the US, told reporters in Beijing that bilateral talks between Pyongyang and Washington will be considered.

“We’ll have dialogue if the conditions are there,” she told reporters when asked if the North was preparing to hold talks with United States administration.

Choe, who was involved in the negotiations on nuclear issues, provide comments when she was in Beijing after her visit to Oslo.

The tension between North Korea and U.S., responded by  Pyongyang by held military parade and ballistic missile trial in recent weeks.

North Korea has conducted five nuclear tests in defiance of UN and US sanctions and is also developing long-range missiles to deliver atomic weapons.

Then, US responded by sending warships to the region and also prepared the devices of anti-missile system in South Korea.

Recent weeks ago, U.S. President Donald Trump stated that he would be “honored” when he could meet the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un.

These comments caused the rising tensions in Korean region about the ballistic missile trial and its nuclear program held by North Korea.


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